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About METIS Inovative

Physician-founded, patient-focused investment firm improving the lives of people suffering from neurologic illness through neurotechnology.

Since 2017, METIS has invested in promising early stage medical devices and technology in the neurosciences.

Founded by two prominent neurosurgeons in academic practice and a veteran of capital accrual for investment opportunities, METIS's mission is to identify and invest in unique, well positioned companies focused on scientific breakthroughs.

By coupling the experience of the physicians working with METIS Innovative in evaluating the likely clinical success of targeted technologies along with in-depth analysis of fiscal strategies and management structure of parent companies, we single out opportunities with potential for a high-yield investment return.


In Greek mythology, Metis was a Titaness and the first wife of Zeus. She was considered the goddess of wisdom, deep thought, and cunning. Metis was credited with giving Zeus the advice and counsel that he often needed to overcome various challenges and enemies.


Our goal is to improve the treatment options for people suffering from neurologic illness. METIS believes we are on the precipice of numerous exciting advancements in the space after hearing our whole lives that there are no treatment options for such disorders as stroke, dementia, paralysis and others. These are exciting times and it is our calling to ensure we make an impact.

Our people

Our team of practicing neurosurgeons and experienced investors provides critical resources, advice, and validation to enable startups to successively mature into clinical-stage companies with the potential to help patients around the world.