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About Precision Recovery

Investing in a world where preventable second strokes no longer occur.

Philip A. Golz, MBA
FOUNDER & CEO | Linkedin
David Putrino, pHD
Chief Strategy Officer | linkedin
Christopher Kellner, MD
Chief Medical Officer | Linkedin
"We have an unprecedented opportunity to transform the face of care for stroke survivors once they leave the hospital."
David Putrino, PHD |  Chief Strategy Officer
Precision Recovery (PRI) is developing a first-of-its-kind telehealth stroke monitoring and recovery platform allowing medical professionals to detect heightened risks of stroke through blood pressure management and patient centered care. The product utilizes a mobile patient-facing application for at-home monitoring and a web-based application for hospital and PRI personnel to monitor patient data and produce clinical reports. The product is designed with the goal of optimizing recovery and improving the lives of patients recovering from stroke. The product is currently in-use at Mount Sinai hospitals and has provided immense value to patients and staff.

METIS provided Precision Recovery with the first seed investment to go about building the PRI product and brand.

METIS's knowledge of neurology and stroke has helped PRI shape their product and go-to-market strategy. Our network of operators and healthcare professionals working in neurology and stroke helped PRI identify the first wave of hospital partners outside of Mount Sinai Hospital.

The Challenge

Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the US and is growing in incidence. 50% of patients readmit to hospital in the first year after stroke and yet up to 70% of stroke readmissions are potentially preventable. By deploying a tailored post-stroke virtual care program, hospitals can improve the quality of care they provide and reduce readmission.

the technology

PRISM by Precision Recovery is America's first virtual care program dedicated exclusively to stroke survivors. It was developed by neurology experts at Mount Sinai hospital in New York City, one of the worlds leading stroke centers. Many thousands of patients have benefitted from the service, which helps to identify the early signs of stroke recurrence and allows earlier intervention.

Looking Ahead

PRI has an unprecedented opportunity to transform the face of care for stroke survivors once they leave the hospital. As PRI continues to scale and develop their product, they work towards the opportunity for every stroke survivor in the country to have some level of access to their product.

PRI aims to partner with 300 hospitals over the next 5 years and enroll up to 90,000 patients onto their PRISM program. They are working with some of the leading stroke centers and medical directors in the country to demonstrate, through peer reviewed publication, the impact of PRISM in hospital readmission reduction.