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About PRoprio

Modernizing the way we predict, perform, and perfect surgery through the combination of physician expertise and immersive, intelligent technology.

CEO, Co-Founder | linkedin
Chief Medical Officer, Co-founder | Linkedin
"We’re reimagining how surgery is done, rather than reconfiguring legacy tools."
Gabriel Jones |  CEO AND CO-FOUNDER
Proprio is an innovative Seattle-based surgical technology company that has developed a first-of-its-kind immersive platform for digital surgery. Proprio’s flagship navigation system leverages computer vision, artificial intelligence, and robotics to perform real-time analysis in surgery. The unique surgical platform uses light field renderings to livestream high quality 3D volumetric video, which allow surgeons to see light around corners, layer on visual data sets, and collaborate real-time from anywhere in the world. Proprio is backed by leading healthcare and technology investors, including DCVC (Data Collective), BOLD Capital Partners, Cota Capital, Intel, HTC, and Alan Frazier, founder of Frazier Healthcare Partners.

With funding from partners like METIS, Proprio builds computational imaging enhanced visualization systems for precision tasks like spinal and brain surgery.

About Proprio

The Proprio executive team has extensive experience in technology, neurosurgery, computer vision, and orthopedics. With dozens of FDA-approved products successfully brought to market, their leaders come from small, mid, and large technology and medical device companies, both private and public.

the technology

Using advancements in light field computer vision and AI, the Proprio Paradigm system synthesizes views from multiple inputs for navigating anatomy and surgical environments in 3D. Proprio’s goal is to dramatically improve clinical and economic outcomes by unlocking both the ability to capture advanced data and the potential of that data to inform more predictive and prescriptive intelligence in surgery.

The Paradigm system is an advanced surgical navigation system that can provide critical information unifying pre-operative imaging and planning with intraoperative performance data. This singular longitudinal data set can deliver significant value to the entire surgical ecosystem. Computer-assisted navigation in spine surgery has been shown to increase implant accuracy, decrease complications, decrease likelihood of revisions, decrease radiation exposure to patient, surgeon, and OR staff, and decrease OR time.

Looking Ahead

The surgical ecosystem desperately needs innovative technology to provide insightful, responsive information to surgeons, OR staff, and hospitals.

Proprion's goal is to significantly improve patient outcomes and surgeon wellbeing through the collaboration of physician expertise and immersive, intelligent technology.