Synchron is a neural interface technology company based in Palo Alto, California. We are developing minimally-invasive technology for safe and rapid implantation of miniaturized electronic medical devices with broadband capability. Our products are designed to help diagnose and treat a range of neurological disorders including speech deficit, paralysis, epilepsy, movement disorders and depression. Neural interface technology will ultimately synchronize thinking and computing, thereby revolutionizing human interaction with the digital world.

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Proprio’s greater vision is to move medicine out of the past and into a future that fully leverages not only existing technologies, like AR/VR, but one where medical innovation can move at the pace of software development in other industries. In order to realize that future, we have to move away from a dependency on ground glass, in the case of microscopes, and toward a focus on software and data, and leverage the emerging capabilities of computer vision and machine learning to enhance the combined performance of humans and computers. That’s our mission.